LIVE SHOTS - These are pre 2015 - please visit my Facebook page for updated photos and news

Top 8 shots   MOTHER GOOSE Live at the 'Resound' concert, Dunedin, New Zealand, March 23rd 2007.

This is the original lineup: Craig Johnston, Peter Dickson, Steve Young, Denis Gibbins, Kevin "Dwarf" Collings and Marcel Rodeka. Until this gig, Mother Goose had not played together since 1984. It was a real blast! These excellent photos by Dunedin photographer, Craig Baxter.

Next 8 shots   ARGUS live at Bennu Cafe & Bar, Dunedin, New Zealand, March 30th 2007.

The band is: Brian Seque-vocals, Chris Davies-guitar/vocals, Peter Dickson-guitar/vocals Denis Gibbins-bass, Marcel Rodeka, drums/vocals. Sold out three days in advance, this was an awesome night and there's more gigs to come! Photos by wonderful Dunedin photographer Melanie Peters - see Links page for details.
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